Deaf Heritage Centre’s Filing Cabinet and Deaf Magazines


Filing Cabinet

  1. The collection of old letters, document, Minutes, AGM Reports, Correspondence letter, etc from the Deaf organisations. Most old documents are old and preserve to keep the reconds from early 19th to 21st centuries.
  2. If the students or scholar want to research the document as they need a proof letter from the university. If the person want to research the document as they need approval from the Deaf Heritage Centre Board.

Deaf Magazines

The old collection of Deaf magazines from the Deaf organisations in the world – For example, In Ireland, We do have Deaf Magazines:

  • Irish Deaf Journal/News – Irish Deaf Society
  • Links/Deaf Matters – Deafhear
  • Conact Magazines – Stan Foran
  • St.Joseph’s Annual Book – St. Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys

Also Many deaf magazines from Europe, USA, Australia, Asia, etc..


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